Day 17. I still have the same 2,000 words I had on day 2. I’m out this year.

I should have known better. Physical therapy and big writing projects go together like peanut butter and banana peppers, especially when your apartment is falling down around you.

Speaking of physical therapy, I got a $50 no-show fee today because I’m sick. So that’s awesome, especially when I only have $20 for groceries. And when I’ve been trying to get a shipping label printed for the only Etsy sale I’ve had in weeks, only to find that every printer I have access to is down. And I can’t afford to even print it at the library. (If you’re reading this, person who ordered, I apologize profusely.)

Yes, I am aware that I’m currently writing words that could go towards NaNo, but I’ve already decided to give up and try again another month when my life isn’t such a wreck. Peanut butter and bananas would be much better than banana peppers, okay?

And on the topic of fruits: the ovarian apple is now a grape, but has an identical twin on the other side. Could be worse, but I’d really like to stop producing cysts. Any time now, body. K, thanks.

I have no more spoons to tell y’all how fucked up things have been, so I’ll leave the tornado wreckage to your imaginations.

But people have been very good to me recently, and I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for even the smallest of kindnesses.

Keep it up, people. (For everyone, not just me.) Something as small as buying a book or a cup of coffee for someone goes a long way.

And if you’re still reading this and participating in NaNo, go write some words for me. 😘


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